Saturday, May 14, 2005

(From Paris): and this will be the last one from Paris

It rained today. Why post about the weather? Is there a soul on earth who cares about yesterday’s weather in a place where they are not?

No, probably not. Of course, they can always set up their own blog, with the promise that weather will never be mentioned. I am not such a person.

Today’s weather was crucial to the progression of the day. It lead to lost umbrellas, borrowed umbrellas, purchased umbrellas, and broken umbrellas. It meant that you lingered less, entered sheltered paces more, ate more.

The rain stopped. The clouds stayed solidly together, though to me, Paris has the ability to transcend wetness, taking on a buoyancy and depth that defies images of grayness. Not unlike a Matisse painting, full of yellows and blues.

I want to post photos. I should go to sleep. Does anyone ever want to sleep in Paris? I don't, especially with the dwindling hours left here.
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