Thursday, May 26, 2005

(From Krakow): so what’s Krakow all about?

I hold that it’s not the buildings at all. It’s not the monuments, palaces, churches. It really is all in the people.

True, on the main square, it is nearly impossible to distinguish the Polish tourists from the locals. Yesterday, as I strolled past dozens and dozens of packed coffee shops, I could tell that there were plenty of locals spinning tales over a coffee or ice cream. Out on the streets, it can be harder to tell one from the other.

But here, take a look at the photos below – all locals for sure. They are what makes this into a city with vitality as opposed to a small town with an interesting past.

I’m leaving this morning and already I know I will miss this energy (Warsaw has it as well). People move differently here and I move like them. Their rhythm is my rhythm. Their talk is my talk.

p.s. Dinner last night was a blow out meal of Polish food. I am still recovering. For the reader who asked for photos of traditional dishes – I’m happy to oblige. Oscar, B and I rampaged the menu – so much so that the waitress told us meekly that she thought we were ordering too much. We smiled, shrugged and kept on eating.
Two friends, stopping for an ice cream on the way home. Posted by Hello
a common sight Posted by Hello
their numbers swelled because of the holiday this week-end Posted by Hello
Two professors, arguing about a battle that took place on Polish soil some 500 years ago. Posted by Hello
finding a quiet spot on the Square at dusk can be hard Posted by Hello
We had some combination of these with every meal: carrots, white cabbage, red cabbage, cucumbers, a pickle. Note the gingerbread cookie at the side. Posted by Hello
trout with garlic butter; they did not skimp on the garlic butter. Posted by Hello
forest mushrooms with cream and onions Posted by Hello