Thursday, August 18, 2005

Spinning wheels

Never has time pushed ahead so forcefully, never have so many changes happened in such a brief period of time. When I am not on my bike, I am pressing the pedal hard to the board. And still, most of the big stuff lies ahead of me.

I'm thinking of resorting to crossword puzzles -- endless numbers of them, as a calming device.

Guilt: I have tremendous amounts of guilt for giving up on eating places where our faces were one time so familiar that waiters would slide us in ahead of long lines.

Last night, four of us went to such a place for a quick burger. Though these days three of us are not ordering burgers for one reason or another. How do you even deal with that? We sit down and study the menu at a burger joint looking for burger alternatives. And the we choose salads. Who wants to photograph a salad? Not me.

Two of us then went to the sweetest bar I've seen in Madison. Very cozy. Just two tables. Brand new. Again, this newness is flying all around me. We sat down to a long and wonderful talk with Ann and Tonya...

Madison Aug 05 230 green drink, blue foot

Madison Aug 05 238 red drink, blue jeans

...and then we made our way to the (very close, because, of course, it's downtown!) loft.

Most of the loft furniture arrived this morning and I have been working like a madwoman putting the pieces together. But last night it was still nearly empty. We sat on the floor and did flips and rolled and I did my famous headstand.

Mostly we kept our eyes glues to the walls hoping to see a few centipedes.

I recommend it: taking friends to new places before the places get filled with a new life there.

Madison Aug 05 263 little S

Madison Aug 05 256 the Tonya Show

Madison Aug 05 244a the Althouse author

[Sadly, this little one was out and about and so she could not join us]:

Madison Aug 05 210 little C

But this morning the wheels started spinning again. Getting the house ready for showings, opening the door to a new couch at the loft, pausing for a Marigold breakfast and then building an island.

No, I was not strong enough to right it after putting it together. It is laying on its side waiting for a burly guy to come and sweep it to its feet. I will keep these wheels locked, I will! There is enough spinning in my life elsewhere.

UPDATE: Burly man found. The island is upright. The wheels are locked.

Madison Aug 05 270