Friday, September 02, 2005

Warning: …”with the abandonment of a dervish”

I am entering a spin of all spins as the next week promises a rapid fire movement through classes, as well as the official move into my new loft. I am not accountable for the type of posts that will follow. They will not be sane because the week will not be sane.

And perhaps I should include last night in this period of insanity because truly, I have only the haziest of ideas about it, or, for that matter, about the entire day.
I do want to issue several thank yous:

First, to the kind stranger who paid for my dinner at the Hot Tomatoes – thank you. I am sorry I talked without making sense, truly I am. I was spinning even before a single pink drink crossed my path. Exceptional circumstances, I promise!

New Haven Aug 05 097
dinner at New Haven's Hot Tomatoes

Second, to Tonya who told me categorically that I should not feel responsible for getting the house packed for the big move/storage bonanza next week. She advised me to find packers if I am in the position of having not enough packing help. Valid. Absolutely correct. A load has been lifted. Expensive? Perhaps, but what can you do: it is indeed inconceivable that I could manage packing thirty years’ worth of stuff on my own in three days.

Third, to the passenger who sat next to me this morning on the 6am flight, for not complaining about my bedraggled state. I am not positive that I have perfect recall of the events of last evening but I do know that one of the many things that slipped my mind was the setting of an alarm clock. Or finding a bed to sleep in. No, no, I was not in the gutter! Just not exactly set for a night of good repose.

Fourth, to my new landlord for promising to promptly take care of the falling beam slivers, brick dust and tar flecks. It is a relief that I can count on them not winding up in my soup bowl the day I cook my first pot of soup at the loft.

Fifth, to all good people who indeed are such good people – thanks for all your good words and kind thoughts.