Monday, October 24, 2005

Connecticut, New York, Madison, taxis, trains, buses, planes, cars, all today

...meaning that blogging goes into a pause mode until tomorrow.

Besides I am in mourning. I am inconsolable over this.

P.S. I'm in New York now, watching people walk with a step that can only be described as determined. It makes me appreciate my own back in Madison which, if I don't pay attention, withers into a crawl as I day dream and ponder Midwestern skies.

There, have I convinced you? I like Madison, damn it! I do!

I interrupt regularly scheduled posting to bring you the following message: oh no!

Every last part of me wants to say: don't go there. Please, do not head in that direction!

Strong 'family values,' a return to a partnership with the Church, Euroskepticism, anti-gay, anti-taxes, anti, anti anti, but standing for moral renewal, for kicking the Germans, the Russians some -- economic interests be damned, let's bring forth a new era, conservative in the worst definition of that word. Kaczynski, the new president of Poland. Oh no!