Friday, November 18, 2005


Lattes. Health Valley peanut butter and strawberry bars. Nouveau Baujolais (but only on the third Thursday of November each year, when it is introduced and stores make a big deal about it).

Borders, Mifflin Street Co-op, Whole Foods (I can't help it. Willie Street Co-op should replace Whole Foods, yet I remain loyal to the corporate giant).

Ocean blog comments, others’ blog comments, comments about blogs.

Mr. B in the morning, Mr. B in the afternoon, Mr. B at night.

Sex and the City, urban stuff, other stuff.

Stimulating conversation, funny conversation, oh!-I-haven’t-seen-you-forever! conversation (that happened, btw, in front of Whole Foods today, so there we have another reason to love Whole Foods).

Travel to Europe, traveling through Europe, leaving Europe but planning the next trip to Europe en route home.

Reading the first chapters of books, writing the first chapters of a book, skimming through the first chapters of books.

Cooking for people, eating with people, having people cook for me.

Madison Nov 05 289
given the comments to the previous post, I felt compelled to follow through: pureed squash soup, with goat cheese and fresh herb gnocchi.


Inserting “you should” into emails, inserting “you should” into blog comments, inserting “you should” into phone conversations.

Getting a kick from having my own washer & dryer (for 25 years now, kick is still going strong), getting a kick out of having indoor plumbing (for 49 years now, kick is still going strong), getting a kick out of entering a warm place where thoughtful hosts actually cranked up the thermostat over and beyond 65 (ever since I moved to Wisconsin).

Chocolate after dinner, cereal after dinner, really, a whole ‘nother meal’s worth of food immediately after dinner.

Cosmos with cosmo-lovin’ friends, wine with wine-lovin’ friends, ummm, I’m drawing a blank on a third here. So, I failed to keep the momentum going. Perhaps that’s a good thing. Posts should be short. Ocean has been a little out of control lately.