Tuesday, November 22, 2005

from torts to tortes

It is noon. My last pre-break meeting with my adorable Torts class. I want to prolong the moment of bonding before attacking them with questions about defective products. Defects are hard to get excited about on the day before the day before Thanksgiving. Coca-Cola bottles exploding in Glady Escola’s hand at Tiny’s Waffle Shop – is that happy news? Nothing to be thankful for there.

Twenty-seven times. That’s how often the word defect (or its derivative) creeps into my 55 minute lecture this afternoon. Cup half empty: defective products line our shelves. You cannot avoid them. Happiness is a day when a defective something or other doesn’t jump at you and scar you for life.

I asked the students if they expect to have a happy holiday this Thanksgiving. Three (15%) admitted that happiness was not on the plate before them. One expected supreme boredom (family issues I gather), two felt that Law School and the work ahead blew that bubble of bliss right from under them.

Surprisingly all but one (so 95%) are leaving town. Wow. It’s as if families and amorous pursuits suck the student blood right out of this town on the holiday week-end.

One went to the west coast, another is going to the east coast and the rest (i.e. 90%) are traveling within the Midwest. Are we a regional school? Not strictly speaking. Those amorous pursuits can make a sudden Midwesterner out of anyone.

I thought I ought not only pry. I should share. And so I told them what I am spilling out to Ocean readers now: that I myself am traveling down to Chicago (Evanston really) where my wee little family of four is gathering around the dining room table. I expect we will remain seated at this table a lot. I have been taught that the Thanksgiving holiday is all about eating (turkeys, tortes and pies come to mind). The Pole within me feels comfortable with that and so I see myself as being the mover and shaker of pots and pans for the next few days. So basically we will stay in and tub out.

Blogging will continue. I am sympathetic to the losers among us (me) who cannot pry themselves even during holidays from computer screens.

Chances are you’re traveling as well. Have a safe trip.