Wednesday, December 07, 2005

why did you do it, nina, why??

Here’s why:

I wake up. It’s – 4 outside. Fahrenheit. If it weren’t the last class meeting of my Adorable Torts section, I swear, I would not venture out. But we had a pot-lock lunch class and as it is, it nearly breaks my heart, because they are there together for one last time and it’s sort of like letting your birds fly from the nest – what a dumb cliché – because I know that after today, they will never again sit before me, computers primed and ready, Net images dancing in front of their eyes as torts stories pop into my head, four days out of the week, every week this Fall semester.

And don’t forget the pizza karaoke thing

So I know I have to get up and get going. But I keep pushing the clock until suddenly there is no choice. I need to force myself in the direction of the Law School.

And so I set out. On Mr. B.

…because I want to see what it is like, biking in the dead of winter.
…because I want to test B’s ability to brake on ice.
…because my commenter from yesterday almost challenged me to do it.
…because I would have been late for class otherwise.
…because it is so damn cold that I figured suffering intensely for 8 minutes would be better than suffering moderately for 22.

I’ll say this much. It felt very very cold.