Wednesday, March 22, 2006

pizza questions

Is it not looking after the interest of the student to suggest that, during a late afternoon seminar, there should be food? And, isn’t it appropriate, to ease the stress of presenting their work to the class, that I suggest to the student-presenters that they bring food for the rest of us (who do not need stress relief, but do need a calorie/sugar boost at this time of the day)? Is it wrong for me, the faculty person, to benefit as well, like today, for example, when I wolfed down the largest piece of a student-produced fruit pizza?

And so long as I am looking after the interest of the other (you know, the student, me, etc), should I not also take to heart the interest of that small pizza place on Willie Street (Roman Candle) and support it on this often slow mid-week day, on a regular basis? Why them, you ask? Well, shouldn’t one pick the objects of one’s support for the utter friendliness of the servers? Would you not rush to a place where the waiters practically sang to you as they placed their pie on a little sling-down tray over your table?

Wednesdays are very long days.

Madison Mar 06 365
heavy on the mushrooms and garlic please