Wednesday, April 05, 2006

just desserts

So what happened this year? I moved downtown in the fall. I have no car now. I walk or bike to and from work. Fantastic, right? Healthy! Invigorating!

Not so much. When I lived miles away from downtown I was so disgusted with my driving-everywhere habits that I went to the gym daily, sort of as my penance.

But now I walk, damn it! Thus the gym disappeared from my routines.

Then there is the food situation. If my Wednesday seminar students continue to bring wonderful foods to class (today: Panera bagels and spreads, chips and guacamole and bean dip) I will grow.

Blame it on the students! It’s their fault!

And why this topic now? Why all the exclamation marks?

Because I was showing off to someone recently how easy I am to buy presents for (this was presented in the form of a hint), how I am consistent with the type, size, colors, styles of clothing, for example. Want proof? Look! I biked over to a store yesterday and without pause, snatched a handful of summer duds, biked home and wallowed in the ease (not the biking part) and wonderfulness of it all.

This morning I daintily lifted and item or two out of the bag, put it on and went into shock.

Yes, holding my breath helped. But really, I had no choice. Back in the bag things went. Drive back to the store, throw down the clothes in disgust, glare at Mr. B for letting me down this winter (why didn’t you make me ride you??), resolve to do better in the weeks ahead.

But not on Wednesdays. All rules are null and void on the day of the Wednesday seminar.