Monday, April 17, 2006

dates and conversations

I had a meeting at Fair Trade CafĂ© on State Street this afternoon. I was almost late because I could not find a parking spot. For Mr.B. Why one should have to worry about parking a bicycle is a mystery. Unless you live in Madison and you understand that tearing up streets is a seasonal ritual. You would think we had the smoothest pavements ever, what with the constant road construction. We don’t. Tearing up streets is merely a seasonal thing. This particular block on State Street will remain discombobulated I estimate for about six months. Meantime, sidewalk coffee drinking will be of this sort and bike parking will remain a problem.

Madison Apr 06 316

On my morning bike ride, I encountered two ducks. This is not unusual by any means. Ducks are a common thing in town. These ducks made me pause enough to create a traffic problem on the bike path. They seemed to have a strong attachment to the view of Madison’s skyline. What a gorgeous spot for them to meet on their date! They are on a date, right?

Madison Apr 06 312

Last night I spoke to my mother, a resident of Berkeley California. She enjoys conversing with me in winter when she can compare and contrast weather patterns. She has a particularly strong aversion to Wisconsin January temperatures. This conversation did not go so well. We have been having some gorgeous skies lately. And the third week of April finally wipes out the gray in favor of this:

Madison Apr 06 319

It’s raining in Berkeley. A lot, I hear. It’s terrible to admit to inferior weather when you are a Californian. I tried to be especially nice on the phone. One shouldn’t gloat too much, it’s unbecoming.