Wednesday, April 26, 2006

eve of

Not a time to get all sentimental, is it? I’m leaving tomorrow morning. My God, I am leaving tomorrow morning????

The last time I packed my bags and zipped off to Europe for several months was when I graduated from college. Holed up in the mountains of Italy in February and March, I soon became restless. I spent as much time away from my rented room as in it. Get me out of this beautiful Alpine valley!! I want people, streets, chaos!

That was then. Now I want to delight in tranquility and peace, so that the biggest dilemma becomes which olive oil to favor and which lemon tart to come back to in the afternoon.

Still, to be gone that long…

I ran between office and Library Mall and Bascom Mall and thankfully, no real mall. I packed up my one little plant and gave it away, I zipped and zapped through my big list and made it smaller.

It’s good that I am leaving at a time where the sun is so strong and spirit of this place is so palpable. It’ll make me eager to be back. In two months. Gulp.

Madison Apr 06 528
badger spirit

Madison Apr 06 533
badger spirit, cont'd

Madison Apr 06 541
badger spirit, cont'd

At the end of the day, with a friend:

Madison Apr 06 547
another red spirit