Saturday, August 05, 2006


There are some things that are beyond comprehension to those who do not live in Madison.

For example, that you can bike out of the city and, within ten minutes, encounter Monet’s poppy fields. Yes, sure, it will be a black-eyed susans rather than a field of poppies, but still, compare:

summer 06 322
(just outside Madison)

(just ouside wherever it is that Monet painted)

All that’s missing (in the first) is the person with the parasol.

And, turn your bike around, head toward the Capitol and there you’ll see Ms. Bee Charmer herself, putting out her ears of corn, picked just two hours prior. There, nestled in between the jars of honey.

summer 06 326
"Bee Charmer" corn; the best

Come on, is this real, or is it fiction? It’s Madison.