Wednesday, October 04, 2006

notes from a wet and cold October morning

…leave early morning seminar at the Department of Justice on the Square… face mile-plus walk back to campus.

If I hug my notes to my pressed and ever-so-professional-but-also-too-thin-for-this-weather white blouse, that adds a layer. The pink sweater that was to tame the severe look of the black pin-striped pants is no shield against cutting winds.

I am cold, damn it.

Everything is wet. Empty, passed over, wet.

october 06 048

…wait for three minutes for Urban Outfitters to open. See scarves in window. Mmmm, scarves. Walk in just as clouds let out significant amounts of rain. As always, feel dumb shopping at store meant for people half my age. Wonder why most gloves on shelf have fingers cut off. Not good for Wisconsin winters. Fingertips get just as cold as palms of hands.

Walk out with scarf, black and white, very nice, very long. Still cold, but better. Stop in bookstore, take two minutes to study books about places with warmer climates. For the hell of it.

…get to law school, keep scarf on, look weird, feel warm.