Wednesday, September 12, 2007


And again work intrudes into just about every waking hour this week. The pay off? Enjoying doing things not haphazardly. Enjoying work. Working ahead. Looking ahead. Including to four out of the next five week-ends poking around interesting, distant places. WAS, UP, CDG and BOS. Three out of four promise good food. One out of four promises quiet. Four out of four suggest great company. And time to write.

For now, I battle the cold in the morning (it was in the low forties and very shady) and the desire to fall asleep before I want to in the evening.

Oh, wait. I did take a ride to the airport. To pick up a friend. On the way, I stopped at Madison Park. Who wouldn’t? The most brilliantly blue (but cold) day turned into a waterfall of sunset colors. So at least you have that.

015 park sunset, copy