Thursday, October 11, 2007

in transit

So it will be brief. I am in Minneapolis, heading east. It makes no sense, I know. But my travel choices rarely make sense to anyone.

I am listening to a guy making flight arrangements to Beijing and then somewhere south of that, still in China and I'm amazed at how commonplace this is now. You are no one in the business community if you do not have ties in (and occasional trips to) China.

This isn't as random a thought as it seems. Minneapolis is a stopover destination -- more common for those bound for China than, say, for Boston. And not too long ago I remember sitting in this room with a younger daughter -- the one whom I'm visiting this week-end. We were then returning from China. In transit. Waiting for the storms to pass.

There are no storms here today.

I’ll write tomorrow, from Cambridge, MA.