Sunday, July 12, 2009

summer clouds

And we know all too well that, no matter how simple we want a day to be, how uncomplicated and straightforward, it’s really not up to us, is it?

I gave it a good effort, I think. Straightforward things: I scrubbed the condo clean. That’s a Sunday ritual. All dust and lime deposits removed. Done.

Then what? Typically, this will be a moonlighting day, but I’m not on a regular schedule yet. And so it turned into a biking day.


We pedaled over to our favorite cafĂ© to make sure my photos were hanging straight. They were. And then? Well, I lost myself in a series of phone calls, each building on the previous one. And I thought – how much influence do we really have in the life of another? In the course of a lifetime – maybe. In the course of a day – not much.

And so the day dripped on.

At Ed’s farmette, I fought off mosquitoes and surveyed the fate of the various flowers I’d planted in better bug-less days.

I admired the work of the farmers in the plots next to his.


When the light began to fade (ever so slowly), I said – let’s go home.

The clouds were funny tonight. On the bike ride home, it's almost as if they were trying to make a statement. But what?