Friday, July 31, 2009

from shore to shining shore

Suddenly, nothing around me is calm. It’s as if I have stepped onto the Coney Island Flopper. [In case you’ve not heard of the Coney Island Flopper, let me explain: it’s an amusement park ride that wiggled and jerked, so much so that it caused a young man to tumble and damage his knee. Poor dude. Just wanted to impress his girl and down he goes. But, all this resulted in a wonderful court case and a colorful opinion that graces law school texts, so all was not lost.] Me, I’m just trying to stay steady on this crazy moving belt of brisk summer days, even as it's all speeding way too fast for a person of my inclinations.

No, wait. One element of this day at least is very calm: the waters of Lake Mendota. No big waves out there. The evening is gentle and quiet.


Each year, Ed’s business partner organizes a supper cruise on the Betty Lou for the company men and women (their company is Tormach). Tonight I am on the cruise – sort of as a proxy for the absent Ed.

A lake sunset is extraordinarily magical and I have the photos to at least give you an idea of what it’s like out there at dusk.


It was a fine cruise.

And here’s one thought that I had out there on the boat. It’s been on my mind lately, so I wasn’t surprised when it came back tonight as I watched the company head and his wife at the helm – it’s about the importance of standing close to the person you love. Not easy always, but always important.