Friday, October 02, 2009

a pass

There isn’t a lot that can be said about a day where your jaw is manipulated by a person with power tools that make big noises. Even the laughing gas wasn’t that funny.

Moreover, in a very selfish vein, I had been hoping that the 2016 bike race would be down Commonwealth Avenue in Madison (which would have happened had Chicago won the bid for the Olympic Games). Not that I think bike races are necessarily fun to watch from the sidelines (you see bikers speed by, big deal), but the idea of having an Olympic satellite village here was sort of charming.

It wasn’t really a completely drippy day. Oh, well, yes it was, in that it was cold and wet. At least at the times I was walking to and from connecting buses.


But I’ll pass on posting in favor of watching scenes from our National Parks. Soothing stuff. Almost as good as the glass of wine that, unfortunately, I'm told I cannot have tonight.

Ah well. Not all days can shine.