Thursday, October 22, 2009


I read in the news tonight that a Northwest flight overshot Minneapolis by about 150 miles. For two hours, they were flying…nowhere. Possibly the pilots were asleep. Typically, not being a fan of delays, I would have, myself, inquired as to why we weren’t arriving where we should be arriving as the clock ticked past the scheduled arrival hour. Perhaps others don't fret about tardiness as much as I do.

I’m not concerned with a rerun of pilots oversleeping the city where we should land. Even though, early in the morning (again, before sunrise) I’m taking a Northwest flight to Minneapolis. I like Northwest. And I think it’s a good thing that their planes fly of their own accord, even when pilots doze off or lose track of time and destination.


My big challenge, though, is not in getting to Boston on time (Boston is my final destination), but in getting all my work done in the way that it has to be done before I scoot off for a (mostly) non working week-end.

Right now, it’s hard to imagine that there may come a day when I will not be counting how much sleep I missed in the past night or week or month. And there will come a day when I will regard this cold and rainy spell as pretty tame weather. For now, I can hardly stay awake long enough to report that today felt awfully chilly.