Monday, March 29, 2010

eating on the fly

Our taste buds have been getting quite the work out. I’ve hardly been gone a day and really, all I’ve done is eat, sleep and read (in that order of importance).

Travel collapses normal dining hours. We arrive at O’Hare and we snack before boarding. Of course. We’re hungry and it’s free. In flight, we start with a meal and end with a meal. Somehow there should have been a twelve hour night period between dinner and breakfast, but there isn’t and so you make do.

In Paris, waiting for our next connection, we eat breakfast again. It’s free and so we eat a large breakfast. A large second breakfast. And within two hours, the lunch trays are out and we’re eating again.

Charles de Gaulle airport

Of course, there will be food on the plane. It’s a short flight, but Air France does not skimp on food. In the layover in Milan, we’ll likely pause at a cafĂ© just to pass the time. Over maybe a late lunch or a predinner something.

Thank God for Ryan Air. That’ll be the last leg of our trip (out of Milan). No food there. Not even water. It's been rumored that they are considering charging for bathroom use, so perhaps it’s good to give the taste buds a break. They’ve had ample stimulation. They’ll do well with a two hour rest.

Charles de Gaulle airport