Friday, April 23, 2010


I read somewhere that the weeks leading up to a birthday are often healthier than those immediately after. It’s as if you will away the possibility of ill health until a milestone passes.

Well, I’m a third day past a birthday and I haven’t yet capitulated to the ravages of disease.

But I have taken on the task of rewriting my future.

If in the first years of blogging I stumbled through a jungle of apprehensions and unknowns, right now, everything is very very stable.

And so I can set goals and make plans. Picture me sitting under a silvery green olive tree writing down insights in bullet points.

Nice image.

(The reality? My plans are hatched on the couch in my condo. Good enough. At least it’s olive colored.)

I walk home from a moonlighting stint tired. But I think – I have a plan! It’s spring, and I have a plan!