Wednesday, July 28, 2010


And now I come the what next portion of the story. It’s all well and good to sell your condo and move on, but you really have to know where it is that you’re moving to.

Of course, I’ve given it thought. I would not have put the condo up for sale if I hadn’t considered the next step. Vaguely tossed around ideas. But when the for sale sign went up (metaphorically speaking as you cannot place for sale signs in condos), I considered them in full force.

And I came to some conclusions. Ed tells me – don’t rush. Take a while. Try it out.

One more example of how different he and I are. People like me, we don’t try out things. We don’t believe that answers come from repeat tastes of the same dish over and over again. We taste it, like it, don’t like it and proceed accordingly.

That’s a quick update. Why no photos? Well now, it’s because a new baby has arrived: slight in pounds and size, she is, nonetheless, a beautiful baby. But I have no time to format her. Meanwhile, her older sibling is hiding. She doesn’t like the competition.

The new “girl’s” name is Nex (actually Sony Nex5, and no, she's not an SLR). It’s so fitting, isn’t it? Next home, nex camera... so very nexy sexy and adventurous, no?


Sexy Nexy broke out and started her tour de force. This is her second shot (the first one was of my foot; it shall be archived).