Saturday, July 09, 2011

on this day

Well, some days are harder than others. You wake up, the sun shines in your face and then slap! You’re hit with one of life’s punches.

This did not happen to me today, but I thought I’d remind you and myself (though I’ve not forgotten) that life is not always easy.

But for these fleeting seconds that make up this day (thus far, because you never know) – I have been lucky. Avoiding calamity is tough. As I said – I have been, on this day (thus far) (more often than not), without major mishap.

In other news, I finally had the pleasure of seeing one of my children. She’s back in town and happy to come over for dinner.


... and also worth noting: the tomato race continues between Ed and myself. His plants are doing well. So is the one that's"mine." I water his to help them along, because a good race is one that is evenly stacked.

DSC08253 - Version 2

In not so good news, I have this to offer: I prefer food over art. Please, do know that I love art. But food is better. So that when I arrived on the Square and found not the Farmers Market, but Art Fair on the Square, I was disappointed.

On the up side, I found, to the side, a few vendors with peas,  asparagus, flowers and berries (other produce as well, but I mention things I myself purchased).


...but it was not the same.

Back at the farmhouse – oh, we are working so hard here! Isis looks on with utter disgust (being, himself, more inclined toward napping). (Please, do not remind us that the grass needs a trim; we know that.)


So, the sun was out, the lilies stood tall, other flowers -- well they stood, that counts for something...

DSC08271 - Version 2

DSC08272 - Version 2

...and work continued. On the Book Notes and/or on the porch construction. (Depending on whom you ask.)