Tuesday, October 04, 2011

days of October

It’s 11 p.m. There, I am forcing myself to stop work. Now... about the post. What? Has the day passed me by??

And it is such a splendid golden sunny week! I wish I didn't just get to feel the tail end of each day. Still, leaving work, I had a chance to sample that wonderful parched heat of another dry autumn day.

DSC09006 - Version 2

Rosie and I zipped over to the CafĂ©, then to the farmette. Across the road, the shadows cover the fields early. And still, on a day like today, who can groan about diminishing light! It was just so beautiful. Even as by evening, I have to wear the biker jacket. There’s a chill as you dip through the valleys. Sun or no sun, I'm definitely tasting autumn air.


Supper? Leftover cabbage soup! We just cannot get enough of it.