Saturday, November 12, 2011


I never left it today, this home of mine. Home of his. This home.

Isis woke us up early, say, maybe 4, 4:30 and demanded entry... then exit. I tried hard to ignore him, but I couldn’t – what with the moonlight streaming in. So I followed him out.

I'll just take a photo or two – I said to Ed.

A quick walk down the stairs, a reach into a closet to pull some coat like thing on and I’m out, with camera, looking at the long shadows. Isis has decided to stick by me for the photographic moment.

But it’s short lived. The moon is bright, but I can’t quite focus. The camera is fine, I can’t quite focus my mind on the project. So I lean the camera on the picnic table, grumbling all the while as Isis nudges against me, against the camera, just for that rub against the cheek.A quick photo of the eerily bright house and I'm done.


Daylight. It’s a bright and pretty Saturday, but I’m inside most of it. Friends stop by and we talk and Ed paints and really, the day has a way of passing quickly under such circumstances.


After, I help Ed scrape flaking paint on the south end and we talk briefly about the future of the house except I get tired of its future and so we focus on scraping and painting and finally it grows dark and we go inside.