Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a race you know you’re going to lose

Unwarranted optimism. It really was not realistic to expect to finish grading 91 exams and 40 papers in five days, but I tried.

So, we’re leaving tomorrow and I’ll have to take work with me. Bummer.

Well no, really, not bummer at all. I’m delighted.

We’re traveling light, Ed and I. Computers, papers, yes, that. And little else. Backpacks, because there’ll be a lot of walking from one place to the next, from train station to b&b, from one end of town to another.

Where to? Oh, up up and away. Tomorrow we’re catching one flight, then the next and then still another. By Friday we’ll be there.

Today? The usual last minute nonsense. But the sky around us – ah, that was quite pretty.


In the evening, we emptied out the refrigerator and put it into a salad. With cheese puffs on the side. Which Isis decided were worth a crunch. Or two.

DSC09793 - Version 2

But no more. The cat likes novelty. Two nibbles and he’s done. It’s not new anymore.


Isis, you’re so predictably difficult.
He’s going to miss us... Ed says.
He’ll have the cat sitter!
Yes, but...

A parent’s remorse at leaving the kids. It never goes away.

Back to work.

I’ll try to write en route tomorrow.