Monday, April 16, 2012


I'm waiting for storms to create the usual havoc. Ed says – don't fret,  the forecasters can’t get it right. Still, the air is warm and unsettled. And windy.

Hello, fire department.
Are you issuing burn permits today?
(Ha ha ha ha ha....) No.

So we wait for the storms.


When in the morning, the sky looks rather benign, we dig a hole for one more fruit tree – a cherry. We want to fool it into thinking it’s got a good home, with good soil. So we dig extra hard, extra deep. And of course, just as I decide the hole will do, I strike a boulder.

As one commenter pointed out, yard work, of the overly ambitious kind, can strip you silly of any last bit of energy.Yesterday I may have thought  -- nothing's impossible! Let's get it out! Today I think -- leave the damn rock alone. The tree goes in and what happens thereafter is out of my hands. Watch out for the boulder, roots! Make sure you make your way around it!

The stormy weather keeps us locked into a band of warm air. In the afternoon, Ed takes a book outside (because he has taxes to do). I sit with him at the picnic table and survey the perfectness of our spring flower mix.


Life is good. You have to think that. The spring colors tell you that any complaints are to be shelved for another time, another season.

Even as by evening (yes, not until then) the rains come. We have friends and family for Sunday dinner. I can certainly hear the howl off the wind outside, but by now my attention is on what's inside. On the food. On the company. You know. The important stuff.



  1. I love how that tablecloth has made itself perfectly at home in your kitchen, as if it has always been there. I hope when you look at it, memories of your wonderful trip come to your mind.
    Your travel posts always make me feel like a little vacation to me, as a reader, as well. And the tablecloth reminded me of that again when I saw it in this pic.

  2. And there it is, the ever-present Limone tablecloth that I love so much. If I'd known then what I know now, I'd have asked you to get me one of those, Nina. I've looked online and cannot find it. I've found similar ones but yours is so perfect. It goes perfectly with your yellow farmhouse too, and daffodils (did you plant all those or have they multiplied naturally?

  3. Hey! I didn't even notice that you took pictures. You are good at sneaking photos in.

    And at creating interpersonal tableaux. Love the guys framing the edges, being similar and different.

    And thanks for the lovely dinner.


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