Saturday, June 02, 2012

June song

It’s a bouncy fa la la la la, la la la la kind of a day with maybe a hint of the Polovtsian Dances and a splash of (maybe Dali’s?) dance of the flower maidens thrown in for good measure. A prance and dance below puffy clouds that only once every many minutes cover the bright, bright sun.

We have breakfast on the porch and I linger over it so long that the oatmeal gets lumpy and stiff. Ed and my girl laugh at me. It’s good to hear their chortles.


I look out at the garden before us. We'll just miss the early coreopsis and the June daylilies. Phlox, too, is going to be lost for us. Last night the animal population (and Ed reminds me that I should add rabbits to our core dining club) came out and evenly cropped all my phlox so that I have nothing but stubble – like a green bearded man who hasn’t shaved for a while. (Ed, you need to have that beard trimmed before we leave!) So it goes.

My girl and I go to the market on the Square. 

DSC07350 - Version 2

It’s not just a lovely market on a sunny day, it is a market filled with kids and dairy themes and it extends beyond the square to accommodate all the June fuss that we have before us. Here's a group of little ones doing... yoga.


...and a group of big ones grilling cheese sandwiches.

DSC07361 - Version 2

We stroll and pick up just a few things – not too much, not too much... All beautiful at this time when there are no frustrations, none at all, just the prettiness of an idyllic moment.

And after – it’s shearing time. Ed sets off for his beard trim, my girl and I set off to shop and windowshop and days like this tend to fly so quickly, but that’s fine because each hour, (even the evening hour) is pleasant.

 Ed and I continue the shearing theme – he takes out his old tractor and goes after the month-high grass, then out come the pruners and down come the dry, spent limbs, I go after tall grasses, whack away, let it all come down...

DSC07394 - Version 2

Well, not all, not even a tiny fraction. Far far more remains to be done, or not done.  We work at it because we like it – no other reason than that. And then we put down the tools and sit back for a while – out on the porch, grilling, on the beautiful new cheap, cheap, yes, how about that, cheaper than a Weber, cheap and gorgeous grill – how could we not grill, one last time before we leave?


Chicken in mustard, corn, and a summer salad – need to use those peas because, guess what, our vines are now bearing pea pods too!

DSC07390 - Version 2

And then the day ends. A perfectly beautiful June face of a day.

DSC07412 - Version 2