Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the last (official) day of winter

Several things to note:

First (and how could this be anything but first), it was brutal out there this morning! The freezing air, the wind, all of it. I was reminded of eating ice cream too fast as a kid: the penalty was a shooting pain right to the cavernous recess of your skull. As I walked to campus (just from the parking lot -- let's be real here!), I had to cover my face, or suffer the consequences.

And it looked so benign earlier on, when the sun was just cracking the clouds! Wintry, yes, that, but so gentle and well intentioned.

DSC01297 - Version 2

Breakfast was a bit hurried, but lovely, cheerful, as if all was right with the world out there, as if sunshine meant we were in for a warm spring day.

DSC01302 - Version 2

DSC01303 - Version 2

Then all windy hell broke loose. Outside, every plowed walkway and road were quickly covered by drifting snow. And the wind made your eyes water and your head spin.

In the evening, things settled down somewhat. The sun held tight. My little golden bouquet held tight as well. As if emboldened.

DSC01304 - Version 2

Supper? Inconsequential. Leftover lettuces, leftover asparagus, leftover cabbage soup, with stuff thrown into each of those.

DSC01307 - Version 2

Tomorrow I'll write about spring break. With good reason. If all goes well, the day after I should be across the ocean.