Monday, April 22, 2013


Yes, indeed, finally. The weekend broke the impasse. Today was warm and wonderful.

Breakfast in the sunroom.

DSC01766 - Version 2

And I say to Ed -- I really should bike to work.
It's not an easy trip. Going there is beautiful, invigorating. Forty-five minutes flies and I fly right with it.  Going back is a whole 'nother matter. Against the wind. Difficult. Fifty-five minutes, panting the last ten.

But I do it. Mustn't get soft at sixty.

And maybe to you it all looks rather drab still.

DSC01768 - Version 2

But it isn't! The day you can throw down your gloves, unzip your fleece and feel warm outside is the day you know that winter is so yesterday!

DSC01772 - Version 2

On the return trip, possibly because I am panting and peddling at not an extremely rapid rate, I look down and see the flowers along the side of the road.

DSC01773 - Version 2

And at the farmette too, we now have multiple batches of crocuses popping up everywhere. (I can no longer show you the pansies as the chipmunk or some such critter has chomped off all the flower heads.)

DSC01775 - Version 2

It is too late to work outside. But I do walk the farmette land, taking note of projects we may choose to take on this summer. There are many. And that's a good thing.