Sunday, May 12, 2013


The forecast for the second night of the unusual cold just keeps getting worse. This afternoon, I read what no hasty gardener wants to read about the night air: expect frost.

Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

Farmer Lee has co-opted all generations of her family to help cover the strawberries.

DSC02333 - Version 2

Our berries aren't advanced enough to require protection. But our tomatoes!

Let's consider the upside:

Breakfast: a lovely meal, as always. 

DSC02302 - Version 2

Outside, the light is brilliant!

DSC02288 - Version 2

DSC02293 - Version 2

Ed and Isis are in high spirits...

DSC02310 - Version 2

We work. I, on my various flower beds, Ed -- digging out stumps and who knows what else out back. For example -- consider this piece of something someone left behind, buried, until today:

DSC02317 - Version 2

This is the time that Ed and I are at our most jovial, most spirited and prone to banter. (And when he is least complaining about my photos of him.)


A solid day of work outside and before you know it -- it's evening. My older girl comes with her husband for dinner. (We had decided to celebrate Mother's Day next week, when my little one and her fiancee will be passing through.)

DSC02327 - Version 2

After the meal, the light quickly fades. I walk the farmette grounds one last time, sending a good vibe (I hope) toward the tomatoes.

DSC02335 - Version 2

Such a beautiful day it was. I'm holding my breath for a gentle night.