Monday, September 23, 2013


If you say the word "fall" for me, all I can think of is "fall behind." If you ask me -- what did you do today? I can truthfully answer -- fall behind. No matter how hard I try, inevitably, I fall behind.

I've stopped going to yoga.

We haven't gone to Paul's cafe for weeks.

Long bike rides? Kayak outings? Hikes? So yesterday.

And even as I do none of those things, I fall behind.

But at the least, at the very least, I can look out at the world just outside my kitchen windows (when not on the porch, I work at the kitchen table) and be just tickled at what's taking place before me.

For example, as Ed rips the roof off the porch...

DSC00740 - Version 2

...there are strips of sunlight finally coming through -- to the porch and indirectly, to the kitchen.


Still, by mid-afternoon, I can't stand it any longer. I'm out. First, to pick some fruit from the old orchard.



Then, not satisfied with the tininess of the break, I go further, for a walk up the country road.

DSC00744 - Version 2

To the Nature Conservancy path...

DSC00760 - Version 2

DSC00759 - Version 2

...and back again.

DSC00764 - Version 2


An hour outside and I am restored.

Evening comes, the sun continues to paint the farmette in warm and glowing tones.

DSC00769 - Version 2

But Ed is exhausted. And I'm tired too, in a very different sort of way.  We do try to put in a good half hour on the tennis court and if you saw our game today, you'd think this was our first year at it. Terrible. (In a fun sort of way.)

And there you have it -- a fall, no, sorry, a fall behind Sunday.

And in the morning, after a quick breakfast in the sun room...


... it continues. I'll always remember the Fall of 2013 as one that mightily passed me by. No matter. No Fall will over look like this again. That's a promise.