Saturday, August 02, 2014

weekend review

One of the toughest things to keep straight when you're retired is whether you're on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The other days are obvious, but these three? Confusing. If you have set routines, it helps. I do the weekly grocery shopping on Friday (I once believed that produce is freshest then and so I got into the habit). Oftentimes I go to the farmers market with my daughter on Saturday. Sunday is family dinner night. Blessed routines!

Unless something reshuffles.

This weekend, there was a ton of reshuffling.

Sure, I shopped, but we ate leftovers that night (because there was a yummy salmon soup that needed to be finished) and that threw me off: you don't eat leftovers on a day you buy fresh produce.

Then, my daughter was out of town today (or was it yesterday?) In any case, no farmers market. And no other marker of what's what. So yesterday, I thought we were on Sunday, and the day before -- well, Saturday, because it precedes Sunday! And it didn't help that today (is it Saturday?), Ed had to go in for a special open house that his partner organized at their machining business. So it felt like Friday, because Ed only goes to meetings there on Fridays. Today really threw me for a loop!

(Isis on the porch with me)

And the chicken duty: that's totally confused right now. I know, I know, that has nothing to do with the days of the week, but it only adds to the mess in my head! I let the cheepers out today because it was one of those nights for Ed...

(before sunrise)

It doesn't help that he doesn't fully distinguish between night and day so that after the open house at his business, he fell asleep to make up for that sleepless night and so now I'm left wondering whether we're in the midst of a weekend day and if so, which day and if not, is it because it should be night?

At least there is the predictability of breakfast.


There is an easy way to restore balance in your soul: clip some coreopsis! I don't know if you know this flower -- it throws hundreds of blooms in early and mid summer and here's the thing -- it will keep on blooming if you dead head spent blooms. I have at least a dozen coreopsis plants. If each offers hundreds of blooms to dead head, well, you do the math.

Hours. I spent hours on the coreopsis project.

Then I baked a cake.

Our rhubarb is having its second wind (I blame the severe pruning job I did before the wedding). We already have more rhubarb compote stashed for the winter than I could possibly use. How about a rhubarb strawberry cake? (I know: a conventional pairing. But one that works!)


Time to retreat. Get some rest. Tomorrow it's my daughter's birthday. Well not really: just the celebration of it. The actual birthday was yesterday. I'm sure of that one. Ocean does not lie.

(today's flowers, including the yellow coreopsis))