Friday, April 24, 2015


If it's Friday it must be a more hurried breakfast...


A less thorough inspection of what's going on outside...


And a protracted trip to the grocery stores, to do the weekly shopping. All this must be finished by the afternoon hour, when I go and spend time with Snowdrop (...who is so acrobatically inclined right now that all you can do is watch, marvel and applaud and use all your skills to keep her calm during a feeding or reading of a book; the girl wants to go and practice her new skills!).

(sitting is not nearly as exciting!)

(I'm on the move!)

It's interesting how quickly I ascribe talents and inclinations to her. As if they were permanent, not merely a passing thing. In fact, we can't tell, I certainly can't tell if her her energy will always guide her to be as active as she is now.


But it sure does not seem like this child will retreat meekly in life and count the minutes until the end of the day.  This is a girl with spunk!


The rains begin to fall in the afternoon and they will continue to dampen the earth (though not our spirits!) throughout tomorrow. I'll be missing the second farmers market of the season (who wants to stroll around the square in the rain...). That's okay. I need a quiet day at the farmhouse -- the kind where you have inconsequential thoughts and you scheme and imagine and maybe bake something and maybe pick up your writing pen again.

Or not. The nice thing about being retired is that you can spin new plots and ideas for yourself when you wake up in the morning.


  1. Is it my imagination or has Snowdrop decided she wants hands free for locomotion, so grasping toys, stuffed animals, binkies is not so important now?

  2. Looks like she's got the idea. She's just waiting for the coordination and strength to catch up to her. :)

  3. Oh, I think Charlotte is onto something. When we spent last weekend with our C, I thought, at the end of our visit, that she'd been "talking to us" LESS than two weeks previously, and I realized why: she is so engaged in trying to move her body in new ways. She wants to see MORE, and see it from new angles. She is quite determined, and she has a new focus right now.

    And Nina. I'm guessing some traits you see already in S are going to be a part of her: her energetic inquisitiveness, her high level of social response.

    Grammas, this really is FUN, isn't it!!

  4. Fun indeed... especially with Nina's help following developments day by day! (I enjoy the other things too... but Snowdrop first!)

  5. What fun! I love your captures and thoughts on S. Something new every day. I find it amazing how fast our little ones are developing. I'm in countdown mode for my grandson's visit and first airplane ride in 9 days!!

  6. ...and it gets funner every day! :)


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