Wednesday, June 10, 2015

crazy Wednesday

Nothing, absolutely nothing about this day tracked a pattern. Most importantly for Ocean purposes, I did not have the time to begin work on a post until late. The upshot? Today I am a terrible, awful blogger and if that sounds like a line from a children's book, well perhaps that puts you in good stead for what's to follow.

Ah well. Let's start from the beginning:

First, I mowed the tough parts of the lawn. A strange thing to do early in the day, but between now and Saturday, I felt it was the best hour for it.

Unfortunately, much of my hand-mowing requires going over chipped terrain. And it is the hottest day of the year. I am wearing my lightest sundress. Have you ever felt chips flying from the mower straight at your bare legs? Afterwards, I felt battered and bruised.

Never mind, breakfast is lovely.


We do have to hurry a bit because, as I explain to Ed, I have a doctor's appointment and so long as I am going to be on the far west side of town, I would like to stop over at the store and pick up a new dish rack. Why? Because! The old one is rusty! (Why make a dish drying rack that rusts from water is beyond me, but there you have it.) Too, I can quickly pick up a bottle of Cassis (black currant liquor) for those summer kir aperitifs. Essentials, no?

I will have to hurry after the appointment, but this doc is always punctual, so it should be alright. I must go for a final grocery store shopping trip before my travels. I need more fruit. Well, as long as I'm going to be there, I may as well stock up for Ed's solo weeks -- things he can't do without, like popsicles and nuts.

All that will have to be done super quickly because I promised I'd be at Snowdrop's home shortly after 1. We'll play hard and take a walk and of course there is the feeding and the short nap -- all to be finished by 4:30 because I am scheduled to meet my former student and now very good friend who is in town. And I will need to keep an eye on the clock because by 5:30 I will want to leave and get home -- to eat a reheated bowl of chili for supper, before Snowdrop comes. The young parents have a night out today and so she is to be at the farmhouse at 6.

Do you notice a certain tightness to the  day?

In fact, it all starts well. I even have time to admire a flower or two before setting out. And I get the dish rack, and I am on time at my doc's -- only to find out that I don't actually have an appointment. But, but, I was so sure -- I even spoke to the nurse about it last week! Does she not think I need one? That's correct -- everything is fine, no need to check in, but it takes a while to straighten all this out -- more time than an appointment would have required.

Once you fall behind on a day like this, you basically tread water and hope that somehow you wont sink.

The funny thing is that I not only do not sink, I thoroughly enjoy every last minute of this hot, summer-like day. It reminds me of life before retirement, only without the stress.

Now as promised, a reel of photos.

Okay, you can come out! I've got Oreo!

Miss Carolina Phlox is about to peak

a favorite: for the cascading habit, for the smell of summer

Where were you, grandma??

You're funny too!

stroller time!

with my friend Sara

...the last one is, of course, of Snowdrop. Yeah, the dress changes (for one of the many out there baby reasons), but the spirit is the same.



  1. Ouch! with the chips on the bare legs! Glad the rest of the day worked out well enough, if not perfectly. Have a nice evening, Nina.

  2. Stopping for a deep breath after that romp. S is so sweet in all her poses and dresses.

  3. Catching up with your blog after some crazy days (weeks) here. Amazing garden, adorable Snowdrop pics, and I am eager to learn where your travels will take you as well as your readers. Happy & safe travels!

  4. I have never mowed the grass in a sundress. No.
    Maybe shorts.


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