Monday, July 13, 2015

the Adirondacks

Discussion early this morning in tent on Low's Lake in the Adirondacks: should we pack gear and set out on a big exploration, given a 50% chance of thunderstorms this afternoon? See if you can guess how the votes align themselves.

To be continued tomorrow (posted via iPhone email).

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  1. Hi Nina,
    Wonderful area. Our family has a cabin in Monroe County which is I think about 80 miles south of the Canadian border. Its been kept rustic. No running water, no electric, etc. In fact last time up (quite awhile ago) no one had electric which added such beauty to the area. The electric company owned the land. On a full moon night you could go down to the lake (a stone's throw away) and experience what it was like before electric. You could look across the lake and just see trees and mountains. Something I'll never forget. It is 13 miles out of town and the nearest telephone. What I loved too was that I could not see any neighbors. The isolation was heaven.

    1. What I love about areas like that is seeing the Milky Way overhead on a clear night... you never see that in Buffalo.


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