Tuesday, April 14, 2015

the day before

There is much in the air today at the farmhouse! Ed and I are planning a July excursion -- on his terms, so not to Europe and not comfortable! Add to it this: the weather today is superb, so there is yard trimming to attend to and most definitely a walk to fit in. I should admit, too, that Oreo supremely misbehaves by going after his best bud today (first time ever!) and so now I am making the calls that are required to relocate him, preferably to a place that has no humans within spittin' distance. To be accomplished soon, I hope.

And then there's Snowdrop who, as always, spends her Tuesday at the farmette.

And finally, I'm leaving tomorrow for a short trip to the west coast to spend time with my mom who, perhaps you recall, lives in the Berkeley.

You will forgive me then for this post. It's short. It's hurried. It's not as I would wish it to be. But, it's earnest.

Let's check off the highlights:



The daily appearance of new crocuses -- many framing the bronze statuettes that were made by Ed's mom and that now are scattered in the different flower fields.


Then there is the appearance of Ms wonderfulness herself...


And now the hours are all about her -- her sweetness, her verbal precocity, her delightful antics! In mid-afternoon, I take her out for a very long stroller walk.

She just pretends to look resigned! In fact, she loves every minute of the excursion!


(While the truck farmers hand plow the fields around the farmette...)


We come home. Ed greets us, Snowdrop folds onto his shoulder...


In other words, life continues to be good to us.
Snowdrop is on board with that assessment.


Toward evening, she exhales.

(timed selfie)

The cheeper girls exhale...


And so do we.