Friday, November 18, 2016


The sunrise is crazy beautiful!

farmete life-1.jpg

I almost do not mind being up early for it.

But breakfast is rushed. It's Friday. Errand day. All packed into a very busy morning.

farmete life-6.jpg

But I'm on time for Snowdrop pick up (though one less favorable traffic light and I'd be in trouble...)!

farmete life-7.jpg

There is one word that perfectly describes this afternoon: windy!

farmete life-9.jpg

I mean, really windy! Initially, the little one doesn't mind.

farmete life-13.jpg

But when we venture out on the rural roads (her choice), the gusts are fierce. She doesn't protest when we turn around and head for the shelter of the farmhouse.

And yes, it's time to bake cookies again!

farmete life-27.jpg

Equally important -- it is peaceful and warm inside. Perfect for teaching yourself how to make little people sit in Duplo chairs.

farmete life-34.jpg

As she naps, I watch the weather turn: from summer warm to blustery cold.

farmete life-1-2.jpg

So we stay inside afterwards. She colors (oh! is she contemplating a left hand drawing mode?)

farmete life-15-2.jpg

She plays with her Duplo characters: chicken finds comfort at the top of the barn.

farmete life-22-2.jpg

And she is oh so happy when ah ah comes back.  They play with the Duplo characters... I swear, Ed loses layers of crusty adulthood when he is with her.

farmete life-21-2.jpg

The winds continue to howl. There'll be frost. There'll be winter. There'll be tough stories on the news. There'll be tough news from friends (we had our share of those this week).

And then there'll be days like this, when Snowdrop looks up with earnest eyes and asks nothing more than to help her place a character in a chair. And when you deliver, she'll give you the biggest smile.


  1. Thoughts on three photos: Your sunrise photo is glorious! Snowdrop looks like she is in a fashion magazine in the photo you made of her leaving school. The delightful photo of Snowdrop and Ed playing with Doplo characters is sheer perfection. All three photos impart a sense of hope and the feeling all will be right with the world.

  2. Snowdrop maintains her equilibrium. I remember our first son, as a toddler, used to cry when he had to brave a very windy day.
    He couldn't believe there was something he couldn't even try to control ;)


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