Monday, December 11, 2017


A light dusting of snow lightens the winter landscape. Ed and I would love more than a light dusting, but we're happy to see even this little snow on the farmette land. (The cheepers do not share our enthusiasm for it, but they do sense that I am home again; when I look out the kitchen window, I see them stepping gingerly toward the farmhouse -- something they did not do in the week I was away.)

Here you go, girls -- bread. (Don't they look like they're gossiping?)

farmette life (1 of 56).jpg

Breakfast. Oh, how good it is to sit across the table in this way again!

farmette life (2 of 56).jpg

I ask my daughter if there are any special Snowdrop pick up instructions. No, she tells me, but Snowdrop did ask if I would be there this afternoon and when told I would be, she exclaimed -- "oh my gosh! My grandma is back from Warsaw and Paris!" There is nothing cuter than a two year old who begins her excited sentence with "oh my gosh!"

By the time I head out for her, the snow comes down again. Briefly, thickly, beautifully.

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Snowdrop greets me in her best sweet voice: you're back, grandma, you're back!

At the farmhouse, she is excited at the announcement of surprises. Finger puppets from my sister...

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Some baby paraphernalia for her dolls...

farmette life (24 of 56).jpg

It all makes her so happy!

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We resume our afternoon routines. We play, she plays, we read, she eats... There is nothing unusual about any of it and yet, after a few days' absence, it all feels rather magical!

Snowdrop's mom comes a little earlier, to catch up with me, to read her a story or two (this one obviously had a disconcerting story line)...

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Dinner, writing, and that deep craving for sleep that comes from jet lag. I have to smile: I've come to grips with many an inconvenience in my years of travel... I will not give in to jetlag!

Stay awake, Nina, stay awake!

Not gonna happen.