Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Sunday

A week passes and it seems like I was taken off one game board and placed onto another. This coming Monday – one that follows a week at Gargnano and a week-end of family, surely isn’t going to be the same as any other previous Monday. Time, events, places, people push you forward and it’s your job to figure out how to make that next place a good one, benefited from what came before.

My places right now are good. And this Sunday was especially a good one.

My little girl and I put breakfast out on the lemon splattered farmhouse table. It was a lingering sort of breakfast – the best kind, in my opinion. The chives were from the garden.


After, Ed and she walked the farmette land. He talked about what we’re trying to do with the acre out back – our plans for it, our dilemmas. She seemed to take in the air out here in the best way – with deep inhales and wonderment at how beautiful it all is now, in these April weeks.

Ed settled in to replant our tomatoes.

DSC00930 - Version 2

She and I managed to squeeze in a walk. Past the fields that abut the farmette...


...down to the county park by Lake Waubesa. Ed and I skied here just a few months back, but now the trees are almost green – at their best in their nearly there state...


And, of course, there is Easter dinner. A simple meal, but on good days like this, I like simple foods. Complicated preparations belong to other times, other configurations.


At the end of it, I take berries, put ice cream over them , crumble meringues and dab them with mint. From the garden.

DSC00951 - Version 2

The most amazing thing this early April day is that I am able to already pull in things from the garden. Other amazing thing? Well, that a week ago, I was elsewhere and now I am here and it’s Easter and I can’t remember when the sky has been so radiantly blue on an Easter Sunday in Wisconsin.

Yes, tomorrow is Monday. My crazy work filled Monday. You'll get my usual brief post then. But for now, I'm still savoring the transition to that new game board. New and improved, benefited from what came before.


  1. Love the lemony tablecloth, the beautiful, simple food, the family time, and the spring green of the trees. Happy day!!!

  2. I can't get over how much I'm in love with your table cloth from Limone. I'd consider hanging it on the wall as art! So cheerful and of course we have the memory of you buying it...

  3. Have you seen this site, In the Footsteps of D.H.Lawrence, Nina or your readers? Is quite a nice page and fun since "we've" all just been there!

    I've loved D.H.L. most of my adult life. I often take out his Complete Poems and just sit and thumb thru them. He's one of my heroes, even though he had a tulultuous life, I loved him nevertheless. He was so colourful!

  4. Bex - colorful indeed. Not easy to pigeonhole. But, oh, with some fantastic early poems to set you spinning! And, he was the quintessential travel writer. Written in Gargnano: we're sitting in an olive garden on the lake, and it is sunset of a perfect day. The tops of the mountains across are rose-colored. In the twilight on the lake below the fishers row standing up.One is drawing in his line and there are glints of silver... Very evocative!

  5. My husband is a fisherman, and I've seen him row his rowboat standing up so I can picture that perfectly.

    (I have a bad habit of not proofreading my comments so please excuse my typos).


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