Sunday, December 23, 2018

Christmas with the young families

It's our preChristmas Christmas! Everyone is here, the meals are planned to reflect long held family traditions, presents are wrapped and waiting. And so the festivities start now, this weekend. (Not to worry -- the real Eve and Day will have their own share of gala meals and memorable moments.)

A lovely morning. Sunny, cool but not impossibly cold. Good morning cheepers, Stop Sign, good morning beautiful sunshine!

farmette life-2.jpg

My first task is to drive over to Batch Bakery to pick up breads for brunch and dinner. How pretty it all looks in the morning light!

farmette life-6.jpg

On my drive home, I am very surprised to see so many fishermen on the lesser lake. I pause to look more closely. A park ranger passes by and I ask him -- how do they know it's safe enough to walk on?
He laughs: they can stand on it, so obviously it's good enough for fishing. Hmm.. that seems fraught with danger. Still, they seem happy and safe in their little cluster...

farmette life-9.jpg

At home, I get to work. (My coffee and gingerbread square seem to be a running theme of the week. They find their way into this day as well.)

farmette life-13.jpg

A shakshuka requires a lengthy stewing of the peppers, garlic, tomatoes, honey, lemon and spices. I'm on it!

And in the late morning, the young families trickle in. I'll leave it to the photos to tell the story. You'll see more of Primrose and her parents, because, well, because I haven't as many opportunities to get my fill of them.  Here we go then, our day of holiday festivities:

(Primrose, at nearly 9 months)

farmette life-15.jpg

(My youngest girl -- my dedicated kitchen helper)

farmette life-37.jpg

(Primrose shows off her mad scoot across the playroom floor)

farmette life-43.jpg

(Playing. Together.)

farmette life-70.jpg

(Brunch. Recipe from the Egg Shop cook book)

farmette life-84.jpg

(Hey, there, big Sparrow!)

farmette life-115.jpg

(Primrose gets a ride)

farmette life-151.jpg

(And now it's time for Primrose to open her first Christmas present)

farmette life-159.jpg

(Snowdrop helps)

farmette life-166.jpg

(Somewhere along the line, Primrose gets some Polish stuff. And so does Snowdrop.)

farmette life-200.jpg

("I'm the girl from Krakow, this is how I show it, From the clothes I'm wearing, all the world may know it!")

farmette life-178.jpg

(First doll?)

farmette life-211.jpg

(In all this commotion, Sparrow zonks out)

farmette life-221.jpg

(But, but, it's time to open your present from the young family! Your first Christmas present!... Okay!)

farmette life-235.jpg

(highlights: Snowdrop gets a craft set of beads and such from her aunt and uncle. She so wants to do the crafts now! Oh please!)

farmette life-254.jpg

(Too, Snowdrop gets her first board game: it's called Orchard and it's everyone against the blackbird, so it's based on cooperation rather than competition. Still, it's not easy for her as us grownups cheer, then groan loudly as the blackbird beats us, twice in a row!)

farmette life-261.jpg

(I roll up the yule log. No dairy allowed tonight. No problem, I stuff it with orange marmalade!)

farmette life-264.jpg

(A quiet moment, as all the girls watch Christmas Eve on Sesame Street)

farmette life-272.jpg

(Foie gras to start with...)

farmette life-282.jpg


farmette life-291.jpg


farmette life-295.jpg


farmette life-313.jpg

(The little kids had solid good naps, but for Snowdrop, the day has been long and full. She relishes a quiet pause -- a familiar routine: going out with Ed to put away the chickens.)

farmette life-304.jpg

(Waiting for dessert... Ed gets to know Primrose...)

farmette life-322.jpg

(Finishing touches)

farmette life-335.jpg

(Final dinner crumbs...)

farmette life-361.jpg

(So so happy to have had everyone here today... )

farmette life-349.jpg

The farmhouse is quiet now. Oh, but the memories! The smiles! They fill every corner of this place.

Happy, happy holidays to you as well! With love.