Friday, March 06, 2015

Friday special

This is not your normal Friday.

Oh, sure, we start with breakfast. Let's get a slight variation though. Ed picks up the camera, I pick up the camera. Here you have it: the two breakfast eaters.



And yes, there is the round of chores. Groceries and all that this entails. Too, I make sure to take bread to the cheepers, but they refuse to leave the barn for it. Too wet, too slippery, too drippy -- they've had enough of winter's issues.


And even my visit with Snowdrop is out of the ordinary. She'd had her two month check up and so I'd been warned that she may be fussy after her series of shots. I expect the worst. I put her in her little swing and look at her troubled face.


But it doesn't stay troubled for long. Or at least her troubles take a pause.


And so we play.


Quite a bit.


I can't say that she remains entirely without a reaction to her earlier medical travails, but nonetheless, we manage to have a lovely and calm afternoon.

And that's not the end of it: the young parents have a pressing engagement and so Snowdrop comes to the farmhouse with me for the evening. She tries to be her usual bright faced self, she really does, but it's been a rough day for her and she whimpers appreciatively when I hold her very close.  As I reheat leftover chili for supper, I am reminded of the countless dinners I cooked with a babe slung over my shoulder (several decades ago). They are good memories.

I can't put little Snowdrop down -- not even during our supper, but she is a girl who is willing to meet you halfway and so we settle on one of her favorite holds -- one that allows me to finish my meal.


We have a big weekend ahead. The Minnesota aunt and uncle are making the long trip down once more to visit their niece and, too, it happens to be the birthday of Snowdrop's dad, so there are many variations on the happy theme of celebrations, gatherings, and eating opportunities and of course, lots of moments for Snowdrop adoration.  And we're going to finally crawl our way out of the freezing temperatures (today's high will be tomorrow's low), so please tell me how one could improve upon this set of days!

I'll leave you with the little girl herself, trying so hard to muster up a grin tonight. To a happy weekend for all of you!