Friday, June 09, 2017


There is a house for sale in Madison. It's really cool and it abuts Wingra Creek just as the little river flows into Lake Menona (one of the two big lakes that define our small city). You could tie a boat to your own pier and take it out on the lake every morning if you lived there. It's walking distance to coffee shops and schools. And to the downtown farmers market. I know, because I've walked these walks -- with Snowdrop of course.

Yes, the young family is likely to be moving and though their new home will be in the greater Madison area (so still close enough to the farmette), nonetheless it does mean that changes are in the air and there is now a constant flutter of activity surrounding showings, searches, viewings and the like.

On the upside, I get to see a lot of Snowdrop -- who, of course, hasn't a clue as to what this is all about. On the downside -- well, there is no downside really. Just the hope that all the pieces will fall into place and the young family will happily move into a new home that they will truly love.

Me, I'm just trying to remember which day of the week we're in -- not helped by the fact that today the little girl's school was closed and so it really felt like a weekend.

Thank goodness there is that predictable, leisurely breakfast on the porch to get me off to a good start.

farmette life-12.jpg

And the garden walk of course.

(To me, summer is synonymous with day lilies. Their appearance in the lily field makes it official! Summer!)

farmette life-1.jpg

(For many, June is the month when you watch the roses bloom...)

farmette life-3.jpg

(Splashes of color in a sea of green...)

farmette life-8.jpg

It's a hot day and my first Snowdrop task is to take the little one to the playground so that her parents can set everything in order for the numerous showings that are popping up. Houses on the waterfront are rarely up for sale and so interest is high.

farmette life-23.jpg

As she and I play on the climbing structure, two sisters (ages five and eight) join us. How old are you? They ask her.
Two -- Snowdrop answers confidently.
Really? You're tall for two. When is your birthday?
When I have a birthday party. Okay, she hasn't gotten the calendar down yet. Geez, she's only two!

farmette life-25.jpg

The girls like her and she likes them and if there is an age disconnect, she doesn't feel it and they don't mind it. I think once more how good school has been for the little one!

farmette life-29.jpg

After, we (the young family and I) all go out to lunch together. To Madison Sourdough Bakery, which, I swear, is becoming a second home for me. They greet me there by name and ask if I want my usual croissants and cookies (the cookies are for Ed). Not today!

farmette life-36.jpg

And then some of us retreat to the farmette. Snowdrop "swims," the parents come and go, Ed is away -- all very confusing unless you're Snowdrop. All that matters is that some combination of the people she relies on are there with her.

(Show mommy where your pool is!)

farmette life-38.jpg

farmette life-41.jpg

(While the cheepers watch, hoping for a magic appearance of worms and stale bread...)

farmette life-46.jpg

Oh, the simple pleasure of warm air and cool water...

farmette life-47.jpg

After her nap, the Snowdrop smiles continue. And why shouldn't they -- give the girl her family, a few pieces of fruit, and her babies to cuddle and she is one content child. We should all learn from that.

farmette life-1-2.jpg

Evening. The late post dinner evening. Ed mows some portion of the lawn, I water some portion of the flower beds. The air is warm, the breeze is gentle, the scents are of flowers and firs and cut clover. Six months from now, in the dead of winter, I'll tell myself -- you didn't know how good you had it then! Except that I do know. So very very good...