Friday, December 18, 2009

looking down

I left Ocean dangling in Paris. Maybe that’s a good way to end the story of “my winter vacation.” [I do have another vacation soon, but it’s not over the ocean. And it’s not fully a vacation, as I have to take work along. But before, we have, of course, the holiday of holidays. If I get too lost in work, will I forget about Christmas? Not likely. That day is pure joy – with daughters, and lots and lost of good food, exceptionally lovely music, and a beautiful tree to smell and admire... Oh! But where is the tree? Waiting a few more days to make its way up into our living room.]

Had I written at length about the day I left Paris, most likely I would have inserted an unreasonable number of “sighs” into the post, even though it was not a terrible day at all. Well, not terrible once we swallowed the reality of having to take a cab to the airport. One reason to love out sweet little Parisian hotel is that is very, very close to the RER train for the airport. But Paris is having RER train issues at the moment. Sigh... (see??)

Our driver had a GPS gizmo, which allowed her to see traffic patterns in the city. We zipped through in good speed. Good-bye, Paris. Sigh... (oh dear.)


You’d think I would want to complain about the series of flights we had chosen for our trip back: Paris – Amsterdam – Detroit – Madison. No, not at all. All were very pleasant. And flying into Holland is always interesting: it’s so green and wet there (what with all the canals)!


...As opposed to flying over Canada to our upper Midwestern state. We’ve switched now to a blue and white world. That’s Canada for you. [I’m sorry: I do understand that Canadians hate American stereotypes about Canada. Something to do with our continued ignorance about any country anywhere, even one just a step away. But really, Oh Canada: you do have lots of snow covering a vast portion of your territories!]


At home now. The blizzard snow of last week is yesterday’s news. There’s a frozen crust out there that tells me the snow needs a fresh dusting. Either that, or it has my permission to melt and not come back until next December 10th. Foolish thoughts. Sigh... (oops! I didn’t see that one coming!)

Looking out my window I do note a combination of greens blues and whites, but it is most assuredly a drab world out there today. Not blue enough, not green enough, not even white enough.


Here’s where I end the post. Otherwise I’d get to the next in a series of “sighs.” Even though truly, I’m happy as anything to be home for the holidays.