Sunday, September 20, 2009

a cigarette break

I like the idea of stepping outside for a few minutes to take stock of what you’re doing and where you’re heading. A cigarette break sort of, minus the cigarette.


I also like the idea of sitting down at a café, over a beer (or glass of wine) before a sensible hour, because it suggests that nothing else has to be done that day,

I did neither. Though I did jump out of the ordinary for a bit (even as I spent very little time outdoors). Instead of receding into my usual ’09 antisocial demeanor, I drank coffee with friends, first, at brunch, with my very kind manager (from the little shop where I moonlight)…


…then at the place of the cigarette and beer photo.

It’s a bewildering day in a calm sort of way. One can invent drama in one’s head even when nothing’s happening.

Maybe it’s time to step outside again. No cigarette, just a break from an evening of thinking.

It’s truly beautiful outside – summer, masquerading as fall.

A very long goodbye to a sweet and gentle season.