Friday, July 15, 2011

days of lilies and raspberries

Days like this make the other three seasons look bad. I think Fall and I see November’s dreariness. Winter? Freezing and slippery. Spring? Unrealized expectations in March and April. And today, in the thick of summer? breeze stirring the curtains in all the open windows of the bedroom... Outside? Not too warm. Go in, go out – it’s all deliciously pleasant. And speaking of delicious, the berries, warmed by the sun, are especially ripe today. Perfect, in fact.


Let me nibble on them and take stock of the lilies I planted last fall.


So many varieties!


And the summer nasturtium! The Monet flower of my life.


I should stop right there. Except, may I brag for just a wee bit? I chased a dozen yellow jackets out of the porch area today. What? No, no, of course not all at the same time, but still...

Summer. Beautiful, endlessly pleasing and pampering summer.

I suppose if I lived in New Zealand, I would not love July moments.

I do not live in New Zealand.