Saturday, July 19, 2008


I’ve got a few good things to cheer about. Today marks a year in the condo. I noticed a wasp nest on the balcony. Celebrate!

More important: today is my daughter’s 23.5 birthday. We used to be into half birthdays. When she was, maybe, three. It brings back memories. Have a beautiful day!

Then there is the market.

The end of the week. It’s Friday evening. Another segment of the Tour de France. Men biking very very fast – it’s a good backdrop to getting projects done. Speed. No laughter though. Jon Stewart takes Fridays off so the TV fizzles into nothing and I switch to music.

And now here it is: Saturday morning. I take out my Pierrerue basket and cross the street.

Food wise, there’s nothing so totally satisfying as having the Westside Commounity Market just across the street. Open the door, step out, climb the little hill and there it you have it.

The market is celebrating its third birthday today. Such energy! A three year old, plunging forward with zip and spirit!

Ed is with me and so we pick up the freebies – delicious pain au chocolat, a gift from Madison Sourdough. And cheese curds. And then we buy. Tomatoes, cucumbers, yogurt (Only ten? Why only ten? Isn’t ten enough? You’re not thinking of me!), milk, curds, blueberries, flowers, etc.

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Celebrations are fleeting. The day progresses. I push a lawnmower over mosquito homes, then watch the evening sun play with the willow.

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