Thursday, March 04, 2010

goosey times

School work is done for the day. I get on the bus and let myself go limp. The older person’s prerogative. Tune out, dream away.

Except that it doesn’t feel right this time. Something is bugging me. Maybe it’s that during my run down the hill for an espresso at midday, I couldn’t help but see people -- not crowds, but still, one or two, here and there --  enjoying the almost-warm brilliance of this day. Why am I not among them?





I ride for a few more stops. I’m on the local. There are many stops.

But the sun comes in to my left and I’m thinking – what a shame. A moment of glorious pre-spring weather has passed me by.

The bus turns toward the lake (let me say it again: it’s the slow bus). This is where I ride my bike when I do ride. No, no regrets. Too windy now.

Still, I’m on the bus and restless. That’s not good.

The bus stops just at the back of the hospital. I jump up and push open the door.

Outside, I see geese. They hiss, they leave waste – really, can anyone say one good thing about a goose?

Today, I can. Hi guys. Hope you’re enjoying the late afternoon sun.


I pick up the bike path and almost skip all the way home. Almost.