Tuesday, November 27, 2007


To photograph a day. (And write a subtext for it.) You can’t, really. There isn’t permission for it.

I was in class today and I had a guest speaker. And so I had a chance to watch the students. So photographable! But, of course, I ignored the impulse.

Much later, I spent time with my man Jason (in case you aren’t a steady Ocean reader, Jason is a hair color genius here in Madison). We talked photography. We always do these days. He is exceptionally talented with the camera. I cannot tell you how many times I thought right there, in his salon: this is a Kodak moment. Naturally, I did not act on it.

Much later, I drove to Whole Foods. I don’t like to use selling venues for my posts (markets are an exception), but on my way there I passed a gas station. With Christmas trees. There you have it: my post for the day. Because really, is there anything more beautiful than a parking lot or gas station with trees for sale? (And no one there to tell me to get lost?)

For Ocean then. Trees on concrete:

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